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Fiberlink 1100


The ONU Fiberlink 1100 is part of the third generation of Parks GPON equipment. Flexibility is one of its main characteristics, as the product operates in both GPON and Metro Ethernet networks.

Support for IPv6 addressing, Wirespeed performance (1Gbit/s @ 64B), and Green Ethernet technology are some examples that make Fiberlink 1100 the definitive solution for your network, not just for today, but for the future.

Specially developed for the FTTH and Metro Ethernet services market, it is the ideal solution for both residential and corporate applications.

onu gpon Fiberlink-1100-frente
Main features:


IPv6 and IPv4

Advanced QoS, guaranteeing the quality of triple-play services

Operation in GPON and Active Ethernet modes, with auto-detection

Enables the provision of Point-to-Multipoint (GPON) and Point-to-Point (Active Ethernet) Services

Maximum routing performance: up to 1Gbit/s with 64 Byte packets

Green Ethernet - Energy-Efficient Ethernet

IPTV Multicast, Unicast, and Video on Demand

Easy installation and provisioning

Operates in Router and Bridge modes

Low latency and ultra-high bandwidth: the ideal solution for Interactive and multiplayer gaming services

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