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Easy Network View

Management Software

The Management System, Parks Easy Network View, allows for the configuration and monitoring of Fiberlink GPON line equipment. Using a robust client-server architecture and database, Parks Easy facilitates the seamless integration of new equipment into the network, as well as the provisioning of services on top of them.

The system is based on the ISO FCAPS model and thus offers functionalities in the five types of management provided: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management, and Security Management.

tela da interface do easy network view
Main features:

Firmware update of network assets

Convenient access to the client interface through the "Java Web Start Technology" mechanism, with automatic updates to ensure compatibility between the client and server

Complete configuration of all functionalities of network assets

Logical maps with the reproduction of the network topology, including the optical network

Physical maps with the reproduction of the physical installation of the network Generation of network asset inventory reports

Flexible user policies and user groups with different levels of access

OLT firmware update scheduling

Sending advanced configurations to ONUs via templates in XML format

ONU provisioning in OFFLINE mode

O uso do software é exclusivo para clientes Parks. 

Para acessar o download, faça seu cadastro no Suporte Parks:

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