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Fiberlink 501

ONT GPON/EPON Wi-fi EasyMesh

Fiberlink 501 is a GPON/EPON ONU router designed for FTTH applications. Its standout feature is its Wi-Fi AC1200 - 802.11ac Dualband support, operating on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, along with Easy Mesh technology compatibility.

This ONU router offers a hybrid operating mode, allowing automatic allocation to either a GPON or an EPON network. It is particularly well-suited for delivering triple-play services and residential ultra-broadband plans. Its features include support for TV multicast, an IP telephony port, high-performance Wi-Fi, and the option to expand coverage using Easy Mesh devices (please refer to the PK500 line of Mesh routers).

The Fiberlink 501 also comes equipped with a built-in Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) featuring a separate voice port. The VoIP solution integrated into this product is fully compliant with the SIP protocol.

ont gpon epon fiberlink501 wi-fi ac1200-easymesh-isometrico
exemplo de uso do fiberlink 501 em uma casa
Fiberlink-501 MU-mimo e beamforming

MU-MIMO enables simultaneous data exchange with multiple devices, thereby accelerating connections.

Beamforming directs the signal to the areas where it's needed most, ensuring a fast and stable Wi-Fi experience.

Main features:


ITU G.984 1.244Gbps Uplink / 2.488Gbps Downlink

IPv4 and IPv6 Router

Wi-Fi AC1200

Easy Mesh support

300Mbps + 867Mbps Dual-band Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 802.11n 2T2R ~ 300Mbps

Wi-Fi 802.11ac 3T3R ~ 867Mbps

2 external antennas

• 1 PON port

1 RJ11 FXS port

2 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports

12V power supply

Optical SC/APC Connector

ont gpon epon fiberlink501 wi-fi ac1200 easymesh front
ont gpon epon fiberlink501 wi-fi ac1200 easymesh traseira
ont gpon fiberlink 501 traseira com conectores
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