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Telas do Software Intellion

The Intellion Management System enables the configuration and monitoring of GPON equipment exclusively for use in POL networks (Parks Optical LAN).

Through a robust client-server architecture and database, Intellion simplifies the process of adding new equipment to the network and provisioning services quickly and efficiently.

The system is based on the FCAPS model, providing functionality across the five available management types: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management, and Security Management. This format provides a clear presentation of the information and maintains grammatical consistency.


POL Management Software

Main features:

Firmware update of network assets

Easy access to the client interface through the "Java Web Start Technology" mechanism, with automatic updates to ensure compatibility between the client and server

Complete configuration of all functionalities of network assets

Logical maps with network topology reproduction, including the optical network

Physical maps with the reproduction of the physical installation of the network

Generation of network asset inventory reports

Flexible user and user group policies, with different access levels

OLT firmware update scheduling

Sending advanced configurations to ONUs via templates in XML format

ONU provisioning in OFFLINE mode

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