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57 years of innovation and trust

Parks is a pioneer in manufacturing equipment with technology
developed in Brazil

A Pioneer in Brazilian Technology Since 1966. Throughout its history, Parks has been at the forefront of developing and producing various technologies in Brazil, including the production of the first national modem, GPON, and XGS-PON, among others.

We pride ourselves on creating competitive and high-quality products, with over 6 million GPON units already sold. In our current product portfolio, we feature DWDM, GPON/XGS-PON, Wi-Fi Mesh, and LTE Routers.

Our success is built on the synergy of an exceptionally skilled engineering team, robust technical support, responsive customer service, and cutting-edge production machinery. Parks is not just a supplier but a true partner for your company.

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Discover what our customers have to say about their experience with Parks products on their networks.

Imagem de logo RM Telecom Bahia

RM Telecom/BA
Robson Muniz Cassemiro,Owner and Partner

When it comes to OLT deliveries, Parks has consistently exceeded our expectations. They arrived much faster than anticipated, and we were prepared to wait another week, as initially agreed upon.

Congratulations on your outstanding service and reliability. Once again, you've proven to be top-notch!

Imagem de logo Ultranet Rio de Janeiro

Audonei Sant'ana Junior, Owner and Partner

I am 200% satisfied with both the seller and the company. I have not encountered any issues or dissatisfaction whatsoever.


I have consistently received prompt and attentive service. Everything has been flawless, and the goods arrived in perfect condition and ahead of schedule.

Imagem de logo Fibra 100 Telecom SP

Fiber 100 Telecom/SP
Ronaldo L Guimarães, Owner and Partner

One of the key reasons we chose to collaborate with Parks for OLT and ONUs is the seamless experience it provides to our end customers. Technicians can effortlessly configure the ONU and get it up and running without the need to contact our central support for activation.

Furthermore, the purchasing experience has been outstanding! Our sales representative, Nathália Silva, handles all of our needs promptly and efficiently – she even arranges for my orders to be delivered by plane. 🛩️ ❤️ Congratulations to the Parks team!

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