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ONT POL 4100

Designed for applications in LAN networks

The POL Parks equipment line (Passive Optical LAN) was exclusively developed for use in LAN networks, featuring specific functionalities tailored for enterprise networks.

It is a platform built on passive optical network technology that facilitates the true convergence of corporate networks, offering low CAPEX and OPEX.

To complete the solution, various types of ONTs (user terminals) enable integration not only of voice, data, and video/image communication but also of security systems, automation, and much more.

Foto de uma ONT (Optical Network terminal) POL (Passive Optical LAN) modelo 4100 da marca Parks
Foto da frente e traseira de uma ONT (Optical Network terminal) POL (Passive Optical LAN) modelo 4100 da marca Parks
Main features:


IPv4 and IPv6

Advanced QoS, ensuring the quality of triple-play services

Operation in GPON and Active Ethernet modes, with auto-detection

Enables the provision of point-to-multipoint (GPON) and point-to-point (Active Ethernet) services

Maximum routing performance: up to 1Gbit/s with 64-byte packets

Green Ethernet – Energy Efficient Ethernet

IPTV multicast, unicast, and video on demand

Easy installation and provisioning

Operates simultaneously in router and bridge modes

Low latency and ultra-broadband: ideal for interactive and multiplayer gaming services

4 GbE ports

Dynamic Bridge according to IEEE 802.1 (bridge only)

Support for VLANs according to IEEE 802.1Q

VLAN Trunking and VLAN Mapping

Static and dynamic routing: RIP (v1 and v2), BGP

PPPoE client

DHCP client (WAN), DHCP server (LAN)

Flexible mapping between GEM Ports and T-CONT

Separate GEM Port for multicast

WRR (Weighted Round Robin) algorithm support

802.1X on Ethernet ports

Port Security

Dying Gasp

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