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Netlink 2000

High-performance Ethernet Router

The Netlink 2000 router offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. Designed for WAN and LAN environments, it features both optical (SFP) and electrical (RJ-45) interfaces, catering to small and medium-sized enterprises.

It provides speeds of up to 1Gbps for frames ranging from 64B to 1518Bytes and integrates advanced routing and hardware-based packet switching. In addition to reducing network complexity, the Netlink 2000 router simplifies management and enhances network control.

This router is capable of delivering an agile and flexible network infrastructure, allowing you to quickly adapt your network equipment investments to changing business requirements.

High performance, Quality of Service (QoS), and service classification by VRF are key concepts implemented in the design of the Netlink 2000 to ensure continuous connectivity.

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Netlink 2000 foto frontal
Netlink 2000 foto 
Main Features


High-Performance Ethernet Router, with support for advanced L3 services such as BGP, VRRP, and VRF, and advanced QoS for ensuring quality in triple-play services.

IPv4 and IPv6 Routing.

OSPF (RFC2328) and OSPFv3 (RFC5340).

VRF light.


BGPv4 (IPv4 and IPv6).

Port-based VLAN.

DHCP Server (RFC2131, RFC2132), Relay (RFC1542), and Client (IPv4 and IPv6). NAT/NAPT. IPv4 over IPv6 and IPv6 over IPv4. DNS Proxy (RFC3596).

Dynamic bandwidth allocation between service classes.

Differentiated Services (DiffServ) for packet prioritization.

Manageable via Telnet or SSHv2.

SNMPv1, SNMPV2, and SNMPv3 support with MIB II, IFTable, and proprietary MIBs.

Green Ethernet - Energy-Efficient Ethernet.

Easy installation and configuration.

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