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OLT XGS-PON Fiberlink 50048

Hybrid OLT for GPON and XGS-PON

The Fiberlink 50048 is a hybrid XGS-PON/GPON OLT, meaning its 8 PON ports can operate with either of these two technologies. It is fully compatible with ITU-T G.987, ITU-T G.984, and ITU-T G.988 recommendations. This OLT offers 8 XGS-PON/GPON hybrid ports, 12 2.5GE ports (SFP), and 4 10GE ports on SFP+ connectors.

Each PON port supports up to 256 ONUs (Optical Network Units) in XGS-PON mode or 128 ONUs in GPON mode, with a total capacity of up to 4096 subscribers (ONU/ONT).

This compact 1U high (1 RU – Rack Unit) solution is designed to fit a 19-inch rack. It supports both AC and DC power sources from independent, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. Additionally, it features a hot-swappable ventilation module.

OLT XGS-PON Fiberlink050048-isometrico
olt gpon xgs pon fiberlink 50048 hibrida vista frontal
olt gpon xgs pon fiberlink 50048 hibrida vista traseira

The power supplies, both AC and DC, are connected through the back of the OLT, improving the overall aesthetics and preventing electrical cables from interfering with optical cable routing. If necessary, power supply removal can be achieved from the front of the equipment without the need to disconnect power cables, simplifying operations in various installation scenarios.

This OLT boasts network management and evolution features such as Link Aggregation (LACP) and IGMP protocol capabilities (ideal for streaming video solutions).

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