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Parks Certification Portal

The act of teaching is free, the platform too ;)

The act of teaching is free, and so is the platform

Since its inception, Parks has always embraced a commitment to education and training. It has grown from the dream of a teacher who sought to share knowledge, whether to create the finest products or to nurture the best professionals.

Although he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on and continues to evolve year after year. We have transitioned from in-person training to digital, developing a platform that provides comprehensive guidance on installing and configuring our equipment.

This is our essence – making an impact and sharing our knowledge. Visit the portal and see for yourself!

Tela inicial do portal de certificações Parks

• Introduction Parks Training

• Understanding the Equipment

• Link Aggregation

• Profile and Flow Creation

• Bridge Provisioning

• ONU Router Provisioning

• Provisioning Interoperability

• Automatic Provisioning

• ONU remote WAN configuration

• Easy Mobile


• Monitoring

Target Audience

Internet Service Providers


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