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OLT GPON 8 ports

Fiberlink 30028

OLT GPON with 8 ITU G.984 compliant GPON interfaces, 8 electrical (GE) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and two optical 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Each PON port supports up to 128 ONUs (Optical Network Unit), totaling 1024 GPON users, in addition to 8 point-to-point Ethernet connections. Compact (1 RU – Rack Unit), the OLT GPON Fiberlink 30028 supports a complete set of services and network topologies on Ethernet ports.

The Fiberlink 30028 OLT is a high-capacity OLT designed to deliver ultra-broadband services to large numbers of users quickly and cost-effectively.

It features functionalities that allow the management and evolution of the network, such as Link Aggregation (LACP), in addition to IGMP protocol functionalities (for streaming video solutions). It has power through redundant AC and/or DC sources. Allows temperature monitoring of coolers and ease of maintenance in an occasional field replacement. Enables connection in a ring topology between up to 44 OLTs, via RSTP or ERPS protocol.

Specially developed for the FTTH internet provider market, the Fiberlink 30028 is the ideal solution for both residential and corporate applications.

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Selo fabricado no Brasil



Produto certificado:

Selo incentivos de fiinanciamento do governo do Brasil
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Main features:

GPON interfaces supporting extended range up to 100 km

• "Type B" redundancy of GPON interfaces for critical services

• UPLINK up to 28 Gbit/s

• 2 10 Gbit/s interfaces for ring topology creation

• ERPS protocol (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) with sub-50 ms recovery

• Full provisioning via CLI or Parks NMS (graphical interface)

• Integrated Ethernet switch with 96 Gbit/s forwarding capability and a 16k address MAC table

• Advanced hardware QoS engine, allowing packet analysis on L2 or L3 (IPv4 and IPv6)

• Support for 4095 concurrent VLANs

• VLAN: port operation in hybrid mode (QinQ and trunk simultaneously)

• PPPoE Intermediate Agent

• DHCP Relay Agent Information Option

• VLAN isolated function: Client isolation, even if belonging to the same VLAN

• Port bridging function: connectivity between clients, even if they belong to the same GPON port

• Developed especially for the ISP market, with 8 electrical GbE ports without the need for an adapter

• Monitoring the operation of the coolers and the possibility of exchanging coolers in the field, without the need to send the product for technical assistance

• Higher processing performance for faster customer activations

• Support for an unlimited number of images (versions) and configuration files for greater flexibility

• Support for 128 ONUs per PON port

• Higher processing performance for faster customer activations

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