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OLT XGS-PON Microplug 

Pluggable OLT SFP

Introducing the Fully Pluggable Optical Line Terminal (OLT). Transform your switches, routers, or existing GPON OLTs from Parks that have SFP+ slots into high-performance XGS-PON OLTs for delivering B2B and B2C services.

olt xgs pon microplug

OLT XGS-PON Microplug

Diagrama mostrando funcionamento da OLT XGS PON microplug
Leverage the same fiber infrastructure as GPON to deliver symmetrical B2B services at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Parks' XGS-PON access and backhaul solutions cater to a wide range of applications through virtualization, software, and hardware disaggregation, employing cutting-edge SDN (Software Defined Networking) concepts.

With an XGS-PON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) available in hot-pluggable SFP+ format, you can seamlessly transform switches and routers equipped with SFP+ slots into high-performance XGS-PON OLTs, enabling the delivery of both B2B and B2C services.

diagrama de compatibilidade da olt xgs pon microplug
Increase the capacity of your existing GPON deployments by up to 8 times while coexisting with XGS-PON services on the same network.
exemplo de infraestrutura com datacenter e infra-estruturas

Leverage the same GPON fiber infrastructure to deliver symmetrical B2B services at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, all at a significantly more competitive cost when compared to Active Ethernet solutions (such as EDD, aggregation switches, etc).

The XGS-PON Microplug empowers Service Providers to deploy XGS-PON (10 Gbps symmetric) directly on their existing switches or routers. By eliminating the need for dedicated XGS-PON hardware and utilizing the equipment already present at points of presence, it enables the distributed deployment of PON ports closer to end-users.

Harness the XGS-PON network to deliver B2B services at a significantly more competitive cost compared to Active Ethernet solutions (such as EDD or aggregation switches).


Seamlessly integrate symmetrical 10 Gbps access into existing GPON networks.

OLT XGS-PON functionality condensed into a single SFP+ module.

Facilitates OLT virtualization and geographic distribution.

Scale your investment in line with demand (pay-as-you-grow).

Save on space, energy, and cooling.

uso da olt xgs pon com wdm1r conectado a um splitter para distribuir sinal para onts gpon e xgs pon

Disaggregated and highly available Control Plane, fully aligned with SDN and NFV architectures.

Virtualized solution, enabling management from OLT to ONT.

High-availability deployment options available at every level.

Robust and user-friendly Web User Interface for solution provisioning, management, and troubleshooting.

Imagem da interface de administração do xgs pon microplug

Northbound interfaces are available to accommodate various use cases.

NETCONF support is included.

Our specialists are prepared to analyze new requirements and requests.

Higher Processing Performance for Faster Customer Activations

Support for an Unlimited Number of Images (Versions) and Configuration Files for Greater Flexibility

Support for 128 ONUs per PON Port Each PON port

Greater Processing Performance for Improved Agility in Customer Activations

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