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PK200 DWDM Mux/demux

Expand your network capacity with high performance and quality.

The PARKS PK200 DWDM line offers a compact and passive Mux/Demux solution that can be conveniently installed in a 19” rack. It significantly expands the optical fiber transmission capacity, enabling the transport of multiple 10Gbps or 100Gbps channels transparently, separated at the physical layer, over a single fiber or fiber pair.

This solution is particularly well-suited for links that have reached the 10Gbps limit on the switch interface. It allows for the addition of multiple 10Gbps ports on the same optical fiber or fiber pair, optimizing the existing fiber optic infrastructure. While the most common application is using 10Gbps channels, the solution offers a transmission capacity per channel of up to 100Gbps.

Without the need for DWDM amplifiers, you can work within the distances supported by SFP+ DWDM transceivers, which can extend up to 60km. By complementing with amplifiers, this distance can be further extended to hundreds of kilometers. For longer distances and more advanced features, be sure to explore the Parks DWDM PK 3000 line as well.

multiplexador pk200 dwdm

4, 8 or 16 channel Mux/Demux
10Gbps or 100Gbps transport
Ideal for up to 60km

Models available


PK204 Single or Dual fiber

4 channels


PK208 Single or Dual fiber

8 channels


PK216 Single or Dual fiber

16 channels

projeto de 3 pops utilizando mux-demux PK200 dwdm
Do you know which elements best suit your project?
Our DWDM engineers are here to answer for you.

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