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Powerlink 2048 SHDSL

High performance 2-wire/4-wire multi-rate and multi-interface SHDSL modem (TELEBRÁS Standard) aimed at leased lines for data communication, showing data rates between 64 Kbps and 2304 Kbps, or between 64 Kbps and 4608 Kbps for 4-wire operations, always configurable in 64 Kbps steps.

It is primarily designed to provide high speed and high availability connections for applications as DDR services, point to point networks links and cellular BTS interconnection.


Product versions:
Power 2048 SHDSL Interface GV 2 fios - operation only over a single pair
Power 2048 SHDSL Interface GV 4 fios - operation mode either over 2 or 4 wires

Mode of Operation:
2 wires/ 4-wires point-to-point synchronous full duplex

Leased data communication line type B compliant with TELEBRÁS standard 225-540-713

Line technology:
Line coding: TC-PAM (Trellis Coded Pulse Amplitude Modulation)

Test facilities:
Local analog loopback; local and remote digital loopback; line performance (via console)

Output impedance: 135 ohms

Operation speed:
64 Kbps to 2304 Kbps (2 wire) or to 4608 Kbps (4 wire) in 64 Kbps steps on V.35 or V.36 interfaces

For basic speeds over 0.40mm (26 AWG) noiseless metallic pairs, for error rate less than 10-7

Configuration and Management:
Modem configuration is made through straps and dip switches, either via local console (VT100 8N1) or via TELEBRAS management (225.540.781), except for the physical configuration of the Digital Interface, made exclusively through straps.
Power 2048 SHDSL can also be operated and monitored through the console port and/or remote management.

ABNT Regulation:
NBR-13416: Balanced interconnection circuit for data signal transmission speeds up to 10Mbps.
NBR-12304: Limits and Methods of Measurement of Radio Disturbances in Information Technology Equipment (ITE)
  ITU Regulation:
ITU-T G.991.2: Single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line (shdsl) transceivers

TELEBRÁS Standards:
TELEBRÁS standards 225-540-781, 225-540-736, 240-600-703, 225-540-730 and 225-100-706

Power Consumption:
About 5W when connected to 2048 Kbps at 3,900m line length and G+V interfaces

Digital Interface:
V.35 ISO2110 AMD.1 or TELEBRAS 225.540.736 standard, V.36 ISO2110 Amd.1 or TELEBRAS 225.540-736 standard and G.703 2048 Kbps (either 75W or 120W, selectable through strap) and proprietary G+V

Environmental Operation Conditions:
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 65°C
Relative humidity: max. 95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 177 x 16.8 x 316.5

Weight: 250 grams
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